MCA-Adapter Card Picture Contest

This is the first "Picture your MCA-cards" - Contest !
Tell me what you think ...

Purpose: I wanted to collect pictures of MCA-cards. Initially this was intended for a sort of private database, but I had the idea to share these pictures with the enthusiasts in the Internet to make card identification a bit easier.
This will -however- take some time and I actually ran out of space on AOL.
Therefore I have planned to buy a second account just for the MCA-related stuff sometime in 1998.

How to take part: Just look if you have an adapter, which is still missing in the list below. Take a good picture of it or simply use a flatbed scanner to scan it. Convert the picture to a height of 180 pixels and into GIF-format and send it to me via e-mail.
Please use a card-identification software - i.e. QCONFIG from PC-DOS 6.1 and above or my QBMCA - and add the Card-ID and name the file i.e. E001.GIF to make identification easier.
The final reworking (adding text and conversion into JPG) will be done later.


Picture supplied by Peter H. Wendt

What to win: Must confess that I'm still thinking about that.
Probably featuring a "Card Of The Week" - page ? Don't know. Any ideas ?

Of course everybody supplying one or more pictures will be mentioned in the 'Thanks' -page ... :-)

But taking part in this contest will help any MCA-enthusiast.
And this *is* an enthusiasts page anyway.
So why not attending it 'just for the honour' ?

To see the current Version of the "MCA-cards Picture Page" look here !
Thanks to Dennis Smith - who offered to store them on one of his net-accounts.

Pictures already taken
Last update: 05.11.2000

 New entries are printed bold

Cards sorted by Card-ID: 002D Madge Smart 16/4 Ringnode Adapter 0041 3Com 3C-527 Etherlink/MC 32 0083 SK-NET FDDI-FM Network Adapter 008E Kingston MC Master CPU Upgrade Adapter 0092 NCR 53C700 SCSI Adapter 0100 NCR StarLan Token Ring 16/4 Adapter 0101 Proteon P1840 4 Mbit/s TR-Adapter 0202 Proteon P1890 4-16 Mbit/s TR-Adapter 0708 Buslogic BT640A SCSI-Adapter 0A85 Olicom Token Ring 16/4 Adapter 0F1F Adaptec AHA1640 SCSI-Controller 0FDF MiCom Interlan NI9210 Ethernet Card 16D4 Utimaco Safeboard 3420 Alert A491 PS/2 Game Card 5023 Online System PCM Audio R/P Unit 5028 Emerald SCSI Tape Controller 507E AMS MIO-20 2ser. IO-card, Rev. B 507F AMS MIO-21 2ser./1par. IO-card, Rev. B 5084 Creative Labs Soundblaster MCV CT-5320 508C Trantor T228 SCSI Host Adapter (NEC) 508E Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter 5101 AMS MULTIP-1 Parallel Card Rev. B 5103 Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro MCV CT-5330 5125 Tecmar QIC Tape Adapter 5130 Piper Research SoundPiper 16 5130 Piper Research SoundPiper 16 Release 2 5131 Vinca Quadrunner (Server Mirror Card) 5138 Reply Vibra-16 Soundcard 5150 ChipChat 16 Audiocard 5323 Infosys SCSI Adapter 5324 Infosys SCSI Adapter 5333 National Intruments MC-GPIB 5600 Cabletron Ethernet Card E3020 5656 AMS MP-2 2par. IO-card, Rev. C 568B Maynard QIC-02 Tape Adapter 568D Maynard SCSI Tape Adapter 57FE EV-817 Tape Drive Host Adapter 57FE Streaming Tape Adapter (short card / Alliance) 5808 MPS TwinFAX 2400/9600 Modem-Card 583E BORSU SCSI Tape Adapter 5CCC IOtech Personal 466 Interface 5CEC CEC IEEE-488 GPIB Adapter 5EEE Hitachi CD-ROM Adapter 5FF8 Plus Passport Hardfile Adapter 6000 Tiara Systems LanCard/E II 6014 SMC PC110 Arcnet Adapter (Netware RX-Net/2) 6018 Gateway G/Ethernet Controller 601F HP ScanJet+ Adapter MC 6023 Cumulus CURAM-16 Plus 8MB Multif. Ad. 6042 3COM Etherlink Ethernet Adapter 6042 3COM Etherlink Ethernet Adapter (earlier version) 6060 IDEA 5250 Host Adapter N5251G MC short 60B2 System 100 Multichannel Analyzer PC/MC 60C9 BOCA Bidirectional Printer card 1par. 60E5 BOCA / QUADRAM 2 Ser. / 1 par. Adapter 60E9 Future Domain SCSI-2 Adapter 60E9 IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A 6104 AMS MIO-21 2ser./1par. IO/card, old long Version 6127 Future Domain MCS-700 SCSI Adapter 612D DaynaTalk Localtalk Interface Card 6147 Novell Key Card 617E Intellicom PS8 8-port Serial Controller 61B4 Caere Typist Interface 61BF Intel SatisFAXtion Adapter 61C7 AVM B1 active ISDN-Controller 61C8 SMC EtherCard Plus (SMC8013 EP/A BNC/AUI) 61C9 SMC EtherCard Plus (SMC8013 WP/A TP/AUI) 6258 Alert A490 Serial Adapter 6259 Alert A489 Parallel Adapter 6263 Arco Products IDE Adapter 1070/1075 Rev. E 6263 CMS Enhancements IDE Adapter (Arco OEM) 627A Kingston DataCard KTM-DC32/127 627C 3COM EtherLink III MCA (3C529 BNC/AUI) 627D 3COM EtherLink III MCA (3C529 TP/AUI) 628B Intel EtherExpress Adapter 62E9 PM14400 Internal Modem 6323 BOCport ser./par. Adapter 6343 Artisoft Lantastic (TM) 2Mb/s Network Card 63B3 CH-Products Gamecard-III Automatic MCA 63CA HP StarLan-10 Adapter, Rev. 1.1 6508 Artisoft PDUIC 508 Arcnet Interface Adapter 6571 Keithley Instruments Series 500 Interface 677F Attachmate Advanced 3270 Adapter (primary ID) 678B Neotech MS/2 2-Serial 67E7 Kraft G/3+ Adapter 6A51 IBEX SerCom-2 for Nixdorf Emulation 6A93 ISDN-S/2 Adapter (unknown MFG.) 6B06 NCPe 3270 Emulation Coax Adapter 6B83 Cray LAN PS-x1x4/x5 Network Adapter 6B84 NCP/e Multiboard 32 3270 Gateway card 6B9B Specialix SI-2 6BA5 Comtes SDX-Adapter 6BBE Miniware Tech. M06060 Ser./Par. Printer Adapter 6BE9 SK-NET Ethernet Adapter (BNC/AUI) 6BF2 KORTEX 2400 baud Modem 6C06 Sanyo CD-ROM Adapter 6C0F Roland Midi Processing Unit MPU-1 6D6D EICON Laser Printer Adapter 6DAC Logitech Scanman Adapter 6DD5 UDS Sync-Up V.35/2 6DEB Multi-Tech Systems MT1432ES Modem 6DF4 Emerald Technology 3XPlus/2 Rev. B 6E6C IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter (ACPA Rev. A) 6E6C IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter (Ultimedia Rev. C) 6E6C IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter (Long Card Rev. A) 6E6E EICON Single Port Communications Adapter 6E78 DCA Irma-2 3270 Host Connection Card 6E79 DCA Irma-3 Convertible (ISA/MCA 3270 host card) 6EC6 SMC TokenCard Elite /A 8115-T 6EDD US Robotics Courier Modem 6F01 Hayes 2400 bd Smartmodem 2400P 6F91 Synaptel SYNMPI/PS ISDN Adapter 6F91 Synaptel SYNMPI/PS ISDN Adapter (older version) 6FC0 Western Digital (SMC) WD8003E/A Ethernet Ad. 6FC2 Western Digital (SMC) WD8003W/A Ethernet Ad. 6FCB Practical Peripherals 2400 Baud Modem Board 6FEB DigiBoard MC/16i (16 async. ports) 7002 AST Advantage/2 286 w. Ser./Par. Option 7007 Hypertech Hyperam 32-16 7016 BocaRAM Mod. 50/60 Memory Expansion 7017 Hypertech Hyperam Mod. 50-60 8MB Memory Expansion 701A Calera Truescan OCR Adapter 702F Ungermann & Bass Ethernet Adapter 704A CPI 2400 Baud Modem Board 704E IBM Audio-Video Capture (AVC) Adapter NTSC 7057 Hypertech Hyperam Mod. 50-60 8MB Memory Expansion 706F AOX MicroMaster 386 707E IRWIN MC4100 Tape Controller (QIC) 7083 AST Advantage 386 0-8MB Memory Adapter 70D0 Kingston KTM 16000/386 Memory Expansion 70D0 Kingston KTM 16000/386 Memory Expansion (later Version) 70D4 Kingston KTM 609/16 Plus 2 80286 Memory Expansion 7154 Hypertech Ethernet Combo (BNC + RJ45) 7154 Novell Netware NIC (BNC + AUI) 7188 Mountain QIC-02 Tape Controller 71D0 Kingston KTM-64/8 MemoryExpansion Board Rev. C 7430 XTEND MC32 Memory Expansion Board 7491 Tecmar MicroRam SC Extended Memory Adapter 75FF Trantor SCSI Host Adapter 7788 Intel Above Board 2 Plus 781E TELES S0/MC ISDN Card 7A7A Boca Research BOCARAM/2 Plus Memory Expansion 7D7F Orchid Ramquest Extra 16/32 7E7F Acculogic SIMMply RAM 16-bit Memory 7EC0 Acculogic SIMMply RAM 32-bit Memory 7F01 Procom Technology SCSI Enabler 7F9C Digichannel EM Adapter 7FAB Hyperam MC Extend /S 7FBE FTG PXL-480 Hi-Res Lightpen Board 7FFA Iomega PC4B-50 SCSI Host Adapter 803B SPEA Graphiti Flash 1P Video Adapter 1MB 805B ELSA XHR Gemini/2 - 858 Video 8080 Micro Display Artist 10/16 VGA 8080 Micro Display Artist 10/16 VGA (base, older version) ---- Micro Display Artist 10/16 VGA (memory daughter card) 8088 ATI 8514/Ultra+ Video Adapter 8089 ATI Graphics Ultra Pro MCA (VGA Enabled) 808A ATI Graphics Ultra Pro MCA (VGA Disabled) 809A Number9 GXI Graphic Coprocessor 80A6 Cornerstone ImageAccel Adapter 80B3 IBM M-Motion Video Adapter w. cables 80B7 Radius SVGA MultiView MC 80C5 Artist Graphics 1000 MC Series Video Card 80F8 Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-Res Graphic Controller base board ---- Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-Res Graphic Controller memory board 8102 Colorgraphics Corp. Dual VGA 8128 SPEA Hi-Lite Video Adapter 8176 MVGA Multi-VGA Adapter 8D77 IBM RS/6000 32-bit SCSI Adapter 8D77 IBM RS/6000 32-bit SCSI-2 Adapter (earlier version) 8DF4 IBM Image Adapter (3MB) 8DF6 IBM Image-I Adapter 8EE3 IBM RS/6000 Video Adapter FRU 43G0681 8EE6 IrisVision by SGI - MC Geometry Engine ---- IrisVision by SGI - MC Raster Video Engine ---- IrisVision by SGI - 24-bit Frame Buffer ---- IrisVision by SGI - Optional Z-Buffer 8EF4 IBM FDDI Network Adapter 8EF5 IBM RS/6000 Ethernet Busmaster Adapter 8EFC IBM Fast/Wide SCSI Adapter 8EFE IBM SCSI Adapter without cache (long / old) 8EFE IBM SCSI Adapter without cache (short / new) 8EFF IBM SCSI Adapter with cache old / external Terminator 8EFF IBM SCSI Adapter with cache new / internal Terminator 8F70 IBM RIC 512K Portmaster Adapter Base card ---- IBM RIC Portmaster 8 x RS-232 daughtercard 8F82 IBM Fast/Wide Streaming Raid Adapter ("Cheetah") 8F93 IBM PS/2 Server Guard Adapter 8F9C IBM FDDI Copper Base Card ---- IBM FDDI Copper Daughter Card 8FA0 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 LAN-Streamer Adapter MC32 8FA2 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Auto LAN-Streamer Adapter MC32 8FA4 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 LAN-Streamer Adapter MC16 8FA8 IBM EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter 8FAA IBM Dual LANStreamer Adapter MC32 8FBB IBM Server 95 Raid Adapter ("Passplay") 8FC8 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter 8FD6 IBM Audiovation Adapter 8FDA IBM XGA-2 Video Adapter 1MB 8FDB IBM XGA-1 Video Adapter 1MB 8FE0 IBM WaveRunner ISDN Digital Modem 8FEB IBM Windsurfer Audio/Modem Card 90EE IBM SVGA Adapter short D77F IBM 4755 Cryptographic Adapter DDFF IBM ESDI Harddisk Adapter DDFF Western Digital ESDI Adapter (WD1007-MC) DEFF IBM Multi-Protocol Adapter DF7F IBM 3363 Optical Disk Adapter DFBF IBM 6157 Streaming Tape Adapter DFF4 IBM Wireless LAN Adapter (1Mbit/s) DFFA IBM 5.25" Disk Drive Adapter DFFD IBM ST-506 MFM Harddisk Adapter DFFD IBM Mod. 50-021 MFM Harddisk Adapter E000 IBM Token-Ring 4MB/s Adapter long E000 IBM Token-Ring 4MB/s Adapter short E001 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter long E001 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter short E001 Madge 'Straight Blue' Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter E001 IBM Auto 16/4 Token Ring MC Adapter E001 Hypertech 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter E04F IBM 3119 Scanner Adapter E1FF IBM 3270 Card (short) Rev. B E401 IBM Voicetype Dictation Adapter E7FF IBM 3270 Card (long) Rev. A E7FF IBM 3270 Card (long, older version) Rev. A E7FF Attachmate Advanced 3270 Adapter (secondary ID) EDD0 IBM passive 8-port serial Adapter EEFF IBM Dual Asynchronous Adapter EF7F IBM 8514/A Video Adapter ---- IBM 8514/A Video Adapter 512KB Memoryboard ---- IBM 8514/A Video Adapter 1MB Memoryboard EF7F ELSA Winner /2 - 1024 (incl. 8514/A Emu.) EFCD IBM Wide Area Connector (WAC) EFD8 IBM DCBS Display Adapter /J (Japanese) EFDA IBM Two Slots PCMCIA Adapter EFDC IBM ActionMedia II Display Adapter EFE2 IBM PS/2 FaxConcentrator Adapter EFE5 IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks EFEF IBM PC Network Baseband Adapter EFEF IBM PC Network Broadband Adapter EFF0 IBM X.25 Coprocessor Adapter EFF0 IBM RIC Multiport Adapter /A ---- IBM Multiport Interface Board (2 Ser.) EFF6 IBM 4216 Postscript Pageprinter Adapter ---- IBM 4216 Postscript Pageprinter Adapter Memoryboard EFF8 IBM TTL Async Communications Adapter EFFE IBM Display Adapter II Version 1.10 /J (Japanese) EFFE IBM Display Adapter III/J (Japanese) F7F7 IBM 2-8MB 80286 XMA Memory Expansion w. Rom FAFF IBM 2-6MB 80386 Memory Expansion FCF0 Multi-I/O 1ser./1par. various brands FCFF IBM 2-8MB 80386 Memory Expansion FDDE IBM Enh. 4-14MB 80386 Memory Expansion w. ROM FDDF IBM 2-14MB 80386 Memory Expansion (downlevel card) FDDF IBM 4-14MB 80386 Enhanced Memory Expansion (last level) FEFE IBM 1-2MB 80286 Memory Expansion FEFE MIO-card 2s/1p + Mem, long card, unknown MFG FFE0 IBM LAN Adapter for Ethernet /A (old version) FFE0 IBM LAN Adapter for Ethernet /A (new version) FFF8 IBM /36 Workstation Adapter (short) NO-ID Cards: ---- IBM 360KB 5.25" FDD Adapter (passive card) ---- IBM Ext. CH2-card for F/W Raid (passive card) ---- Ventek PS-2000 Video Subsystem (adds to planar VGA) Memory Modules, Upgrades and Processorboards: ---- 92F1319 Model 95XP LED Panel ---- 92F0259 Server 95A LED Panel ---- PS/2 Model 80 1MB Memory Daughter Card ---- PS/2 Model 80 2MB Memory Daughter Card ---- PS/2 Model 80 2MB Memory Daughter Card by Kingston ---- PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card ---- PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card by CUMULUS ---- PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card by Hypertech ---- 256K Level-2 cache 17ns module FRU 64F0199 (Type-1 cpu) ---- 256K Level-2 cache 12ns module FRU 92F0050 (92F0048 only !) ---- 256K Level-2 WB-cache module FRU 06H3307 (77i / 77s) ---- 256K Level-2 Cache FRU 06H3307 (Server 320/520 MCA) ---- 1MB Video Memory expansion FRU 82G1794 (77i / 77s) ---- PS/2 Mod. 70/80 486DX-33 Upgrade, FRU 92F0436 ---- Hypertech Hyperace Mod. 70/80 486DX-33 Upgrade ---- IBM 486SLC2 Processor Upgrade 8556/8557 ---- IBM 486LSC3 Processor Upgrade 9556/9557 ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 04G3884 (386DX-20) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0065 (486SX-20) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0201 (486DX-25) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (486DX-33) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (old version "1") ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (old version "2") ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0145 (486DX2-66) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0048 (486DX-50) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-2, FRU 92F0079 (486SX-25) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-2, FRU 92F0161 (486DX2-25/50) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-3, FRU 57F1579 (486DX-50) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 61G2343 (486DX2-33/66) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 52G9362 (Pentium 60) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 92F0120 (Pentium 66) ---- PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 06H3739 (Pentium 90) ---- PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 75H9686 (Pentium 133) ---- PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 75H9686 (Pentium 166) ---- PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 76H7147 (Pentium 200) ---- PC Server 720 Bridge Adapter, FRU 07H1107 ---- PC Server 720 Memory Adapter, FRU 71G0696

Using a flatbed scanner: I know - it sounds weird, but it works fine.
Some time ago I bought a cheap 3-pass Microtek Scanmaker II flatbed scanner. Some day I decided to try taking a picture of an MCA-card.
I layed the card on the scanner surface, layed a large piece of white paper over it and put a thick computer-magazine (German magazine 'ct ) on that paper to avoid movements of the card during the scan-process (the Microtek makes a lot vibrations).

Surprisingly it went very well. The original TIFs created by my scanner-program were good enough to even read the writings on the chips. The backglare of the metallic components was not that bad as I thought.

Here are some base datas:

  • The base frame-size for a full-lenght MCA-card is 4111 x 1441
  • The down-scale factor is 50% to result in a 2055 x 720 pixel picture
  • Brightness set to +10, contrast at +/-0
  • The gained TIF-image has 24-bit color and about 4.5MB in size
  • Rotating it by 90 degrees
  • Finally down-scaled to fixed 500 pixels horizontal -or-
  • Scaled it down to 180 pixel vertical for shorter cards
    In either case the aspect ratio must be kept !
  • Saving as GIF image with 256 colours
    This maintains the picture-data and will only decrease colour depth !
  • Adding the text -and-
  • Save it as JPG-file which has 16.7 mio colors again but lower filesize

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