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This is a page about one of the most annoying things in the PS/2-world: Error codes. They come up when you need them the least and -often- don't tell much why anything went wrong.

Now: here's a collection of the most common error codes along with some explanation and which action to take or which part to change.

How to read General Error Codes

Major Error Code -----------+---+
                            |   |
                            |   |
Leading Zeros    -------- 0024 01XX
to fill 8 digits                 ||
Minor (diagnostic Error Code)----++

The Error Code is written in the 4 + 4 style as it appears on a PS/2 Mod. 95 LED-panel and in the Premium Line "extended 8-digits" form. The bold part in the middle is the so called "Major Error Code" and -basically and in large parts- identical with the PC/AT Error Codes and those used on earlier PS/2 machines.

The 2 digits of the "Minor Error Code" is dependent on the type of the error and -mostly- only specified when running the Advanced Diagnostics. The minor error code is however often given at POST-Errors (after restarting the computer) and might specify a particular error condition. In case the minor error code is marked with "XX" in the follow-up error lists it means "Don't care" and it can be any character.

How to read general SCSI Error Codes

Device Size Code     -----------------+ +--------- Unit Reference Code
                                      | |
Adapter MCA-Slot     ----------------+| |+-------- Sense Key Code
                                     || ||
Logical Unit Number  ---------------+|| || +------ Additional Sense Code
                                    ||| || |
Physical Unit Number --------------+||| || |
                                   |||| || |
Device Code Number   ---------+--+ |||| || |
                              |  | |||| ||++
                              |  | |||| ||||
                              0210 401H 9231

Basically the SCSI Error Codes consist out of an 8-character output like a General Error Code, but have an additional 4-character Error Return Code at the end, which helps to specify the nature of the error.
There are however little differences between SCSI-Device Errors and SCSI-Adapter Errors. These are explained when neccessary.

Error Code Tables
Sorted by numbers
Codes 100 - 159Codes 160 - 199Codes 200 - 299
Codes 300 - 999Codes 1000 - 1499Codes 1500 - 2999
Codes 3000 - 9999Codes 10000 - 11999Codes 12000 - 14999
Codes 15000-19999Codes 20000-29999
SCSI Error Codes
For IML-Errors see here
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Mod. 56/57, 76/77, 85 and 90/95 see Here !

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