Timing Conversions

How To Use This Calculator

The upper part contains data-cells that can be changed.
They are currently filled with a set of values, which are taken from one of my own monitors (an IDEK MF-5015A) and which can be used as an example.

Go to the bottom of this table and press [Calculate] to see how the empty cells in the lower part are filled with the appropriate values. Change some values / settings and see how the results change after clicking on [Calculate].

Then overwrite the cell values in the upper part with the values from your own monitor. Go to the [Calculate]-button again and see the calculated values for your settings.

Use [Reset Cells] to clear the result cells and restore the default values.

The values calculated had many digits after the decimal point. Sometimes calculating accuracy is not very helpful. I have used a rounding routine to calculate the values to Integer numbers. This should do for most cases.

At the bottom end of the calculator you will find a field with a ModeLine, which you can copy and paste if you like ...

In most cases you will be able to at least get a stable picture - which might be a bit off-centered or a bit too wide / too high. Most monitors allow to "re-adjust" on these settings - some allow the screen width / height / position to be stored for several individual modes.
In case you cannot adjust your monitor for proper position / size you should try carefully changing the values in the ModeLine at places 3,4 and 7,8 (HSync Start / End and VSync Start / End). Do not change the values for the Pixelclock or the HTotal / VTotal and Resolutions.

Known Problems: Entering negative values for B,C,E or P,Q,S will end up in an illegal ModeLine, which is not accepted from XF86. Modes which require the HSync or VSync to start within the active display area (D and R) will not work !

In addition you must set the HSync / VSync polarities and Interlace Mode (radio buttons) according to the monitor documents !

Hope it helps a bit.
Hor. Total (us) = A Ver. Total (ms) = O
Hor. Picture Signal (us) = D Ver. Picture Signal (ms) = R
Screen Width (pixel) Screen Height (pixel)
Right Border (us) = E Lower Border (ms) = S
Hor. Sync (us) = B Ver. Sync (ms) = P
Left Border (us) = C Upper Border (ms) = Q
HSync Pos. Neg. | VSync Pos. Neg. | Interlace Yes No
H. Frequency: KHzV. Refresh : Hz
HPT: us/pixelVPT: ms/pixel
HSPS: pixel VSPS: pixel
HSPE: pixel VSPE : pixel
HT : pixelVT : pixel
Pixelclock (MHz):
And here's the corresponding ModeLine you can copy & paste:
This goes - while this will this Window !

© 1999 by Peter H. Wendt