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  • 03.06.2007 : Yet another minor update and change

    The DS1287-Rework Page changed to the DS1287 / DS1387 Rework page, since the chips are identically when it comes to adding an external battery to it. I also added another feedback and links to William Walshs pages. I think it is worth taking a look at them too, since he really did a great job.

  • 29.03.2006 : Slight update

    After I brought out the DS1287-Rework Page I almost immediately got some responses. One of them is from Moritz Hoffmann in Germany, who supplied me with some fotos taken after his father reworked the chip on their Mod 65SX.
    Too good to be missed. Thanks Moritz !

  • 28.03.2006 : This has been a long time, isn't it ?

    Indeed. Somehow I suffered a sort of burn-out syndrom and left the most of the PS/2 activities aside. Still work with mine, still repair some if someone asks me nicely and still have a large number of systems. Still use a PS/2 9595-S30 for daily purposes. And still get requests on various PS/2-related topics ... and try to answer them in time. And still do something on the PS/2 Neswgroup.
    But I haven't updated my pages in half of an eternity. Most likely, because there weren't many interesting themes to write about.
    Until yesterday, when I talked to some guy who owns a private Computer Museum in Munich / Germany. At one point we discussed the problems with machines using the dreaded Dallas RTC chips with their internal batteries and the problems around. I noted, that it is possible to rework the chip for the use with an external battery and he replied that I should bring a hintpage on how to do that.
    Well - okay - that is something for a hardware-guy like me.
    Therefore I built the DS1287-Rework Page.
    Hope you like it. And I will try to bring up the stuff I'd collected in between as soon as possible. Okay ?

  • 23.01.2003 : We have moved !

    Finally the MCA Enthusiasts Page is no longer distributed among 5 or more pages but has moved to the location MCAMAFIA.DE !

    It came neccessary due to permanent problems with maintenance and too complicated structures and too little room on AOL.

    Hope this version is a bit better and more comfortable to work with, even though the base design didn't change and still should be useable with most browsers - largely even with non-graphic type like LYNX (I hope !). There are several changes in the directory structure, because the pages are no longer separated onto several different URLs.


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