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  • 18.02.2001 : Another minor updates

    Most likely this is the last update on the MCA Enthusiasts Page in that form.
    I have made up my mind on altering the design a bit to bring in some fresh ideas. This will take time however - and it will not affect the readbility on most browsers.
    I'm not the type of guy that sacrifices compatibility and readability for fancyness and fashion.

    What is new here now ?

    The Thanks page has been updated as well as the MCA Mafia page and -of course- the Mainpage.

    Most important change on the mainpage is the addition of the IACT logo.
    I think it is very important to support these people. They put some common misunderstandments straight and fight for more compatibility across all platforms, hardware and software. That's something the MCA enthusiasts should support too.
    Think about it ...

    Updates on the ADF files and Card Pictures are yet in progress to be ready soon.

  • 13.11.2000 : Updated the ADF Locator

    After some minor struggles with the Java-Code I got it working again. Seems as if I haven't fully understood what I wrote there ... :-)
    Whatever: the ADF Locator should be fully functional now again.

    BTW: Today is my dear Ankes birthday ... so don't wait for much more to come today.

  • 12.11.2000 : Forced myself into updating ADFs.

    The following ADFs have been [A]dded or [U]pdated:

    • 5131 VLM1B Adapter [A]
    • 57FE Everex Streaming Tape Controller (ID=57FE) [U]
    • 6099 MetraByte UCCTM-05 Counter/Timer Board [A]
    • 611A Banyan Systems ICA/mC Int. Comms. Adapter [A]
    • 6220 ACCTON Micro Channel EtherPair/EtherCoax adapter [A]
    • 6303 Meinberg Funkuhr PS31 [A]
    • 6769 Hardlock on Card [A]
    • 6B0A Handy 240 PS-2 Internal Modem (Germany) [A]
    • 6B83 ScaNet PS-x1x4/x5 Ethernet Adapter [U]
    • 7283 Bit 3 MCA Bus Adapter [A]
    • 7E7F ACCULOGIC SIMMply RAM for the PS/2 [A]
    • 8089 ATI GRAPHICS ULTRA MCA Video Accelerator (VGA ENA.) [U]
    • 808A ATI GRAPHICS ULTRA MCA Video Accelerator (VGA DIS.) [U]
    • 8099 #9GX Microchannel Graphics Adapter [A]
    • 809A #9GXi Graphix Coprocessor [A]

    Update for the ADF Locator is in progress ...

  • 05.11.2000 : Long overdue "MCA-Adapter Card Pictures" added

    Good things take a while, right ? I was awfully busy with the job and with my teeth. And with (again) doing some work on the house. So I could not do anything I wanted to do - but finally I succeeded somehow. Dennis put the pictures already on the card pictures page. Thanks Dennis - and thanks for your patience folks. Hope you stay with us.

    Accordingly I updated the "Thanks" and the "Contest" page as well as this page.

    In the meantime I did some modifications on the page "Power Connector, standard-type added on Mod. 25,30,30-286 & 55". There had been some discussions about the Mod. 55SX in my mail. So I reworked the page a bit and added the PSU pinout for the 55SX and an alternative method using the Mitsubishi FDD.

  • 16.07.2000 : You guessed - another minor changes.

    Had to update some links and added something on the MCA Mafia Page and various other locations. Links are a real pain. They change darn often .... or simply 404. Damn.

  • 17.06.2000 : Another minor changes.

    Added another "Known Problem", re-arranged some things, looked through the "MCA Mafia Links" - and suchlike. Haven't had the time to add some more ADFs or pictures. But holidays come closer ...

  • 01.04.2000 : Minor changes & bugfixes

    The most of them you won't notice anyway :-)

  • 19.03.2000 : Some new stuff & some reworks

    The holidays and the weather caused another addition and some updates :-)

    Have added a page about The 9533 PS/2e and Linux and updated some links. In the meantime some more pictures have been added to the MCA-Adapter Pictures Page.

  • 17.01.2000 : New Version of QBMCA and MCA.DAT is out !

    Finally I managed to revise the MCA.DAT after a long time.
    It now recognizes no less than 1.352 MCA Adapters by name.
    In addition the QBMCA bootable disk has been slightly revised and now bases on PC-DOS 7.0 - for what it's worth.

  • 09.01.2000 : Welcome to Year 2000 - did you roll over fine ?

    I sure did. No problems at all - apart from those which I predicted, that older PS/2 may need to have the date set manually *once*. The "prophets of doom" were proved wrong again. So we can continue collecting PS/2 and run them in daily business.

    Updates on the MCA Enthusiasts Page:

    Added some ADFs, updated others and substituted some files with errors.
    In detail the following files have been added or changed:

    • 0130 : Proteon p1892plus 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
    • 0700 : Proteon p1892 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
    • 6163 : DIGI Sync/570i
    • 616E : Computone PS6
    • 626F : INTERCOPE ISDN Communication Server 1
    • 630A : Dialogic VR/81-MC, VR/41-MC
    • 6BBF : Vaes Technology M6600 MCA 16-bit Ethernet Adapter
    • 6BC0 : VAES B.V. M6620 MCA 16-bit Ethernet with BootRom option
    • 6F91 : Adaptateur de communications SYNAPTEL SYNMPI/PS
    • 7003 : AST RampagePlus/MC 386 Adapter
    • 7004 : AST RampagePlus/MC 386 Adapter with Dual Serial Port Option
    • 7005 : AST RampagePlus/MC 386 Adapter with Ser. & Par. Port Option
      (7003, 7004 and 7005 are with Init ADPs)
    • 81DF : High resolution graphic adapter INFO IGP64/MCA
    • 8F6A : IBM Ethernet Quad-B2 PeerMaster (incl. Init-ADP)
    • 8F6D : IBM Ethernet Quad-BT PeerMaster (incl. Init-ADP)
    • 917D : Flat Panel Touch Adapter
    • 917E : Flat Panel Display Adapter
    • DFF4 : IBM Wireless LAN Adapter
    • DFFA : 5.25-inch Diskette Drive Adapter
      International version, replaces german file
    • EEBF : IBM 4693 Store Loop Adapter/A
    • EFCB : IBM POS Expansion Adapter
    • EFCF : IBM Store Loop Adapter/A
    • EFF5 : Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 Ethernet LAN Adapter
      Replaces buggy version
    • FFE2 : 4693 Device Channel

    The update for the JAVA-based ADF locator will follow later.

  • 18.12.99 : The usual fixing frenzy

    Some ADFs added, some pictures added, contest-page and various links updated ... and the adress of the MCA-Adapter Pictures Page has changed.
    Some more work ahead.

  • 06.11.99 : ADF Pages Updated / Bugfixes

    Added some few files and updated the "Picture"-icons for those cards that are already present on the MCA-card Pictures Page.
    Some link-bugs have been removed on various pages.

  • 28.10.99 : Additions / Bugfixes

    Updated the "Contest" Page, added some stuff on a "CP-Code Reader" and reworked the "PS/2 Error Page" a bit.
    Why didn't anyone tell me that there was a lot missing in the 12000-error section ? But -alas- I found it out and added it. :-)
    Hope to get the adds and corrections for the ADF pages ready this weekend.

  • 29.08.99 : Additions / Bugfixes

    Added the rework for a 32MB parity memory module in Selfmade Memory. This is however only recommended if you have a 9585-xNx, since only few PS/2 support these big ones...
    Corrected the link to the S3 Driver for the 928 chipset in the "Lacunas". The old one was long outdated and S3 luckily provided a link. But it is better to go there directly.

  • 14.08.99 : Pictures Added

    Got some more pictures and sent them to Dennis. He put them on the MCA-Adapter Picture Collection already - and I am a bit behind with my own updates ... as usual.
    Today I have revised the "Contest" page.

    Work on the ADF pages is still in progress. I am writing a tool to simplify the HTML-generation a bit. But since I am a rather uninspired programmer that will take some time. Sigh.

  • 28.07.99 : New Pages Added

    After digging through monitor settings for Linux I was a lot busy with the IBM XGA DMQS stuff and with the Linux ModeLine required for XF86 ... so I decided to make a page out of my experiences and the lot theoretical stuff behind that. I ended up in a large page about calculating the values for XF86 Modelines. At the end of the "Theory" page there is a link to a JAVASCRIPT calculator, which does the major work for you ... :-)

    More of the "usual stuff" (ADFs and card pictures) will follow soon - I hope.

  • 22.05.99 : Finetuning

    Not much news anyways. Taken the time to carry out some minor corrections, checking links and updating the "Contest" page just to stay up to date.

  • 12.04.99 : Links in MCA Mafia page added

    I am a bit lazy these days. Therefore I added only three (!) links on the MCA Mafia page. That's all - really.
    I am constantly working on several things ... but these take time. As well as my job. Like always. You will all have to wait a bit ... ;-)

  • 22.03.99 : Some changes / additions

    A chapter about Modifying generic industrial style 8 and 16MB / 60ns modules to work in PS/2 is added here.

    Added something on the "Key Symbol" at machine startup in the "Known Problems" page.

  • 01.03.99 : Guess what - some updates !

    The upgrade from AOL Software 3.0 to 4.0 turned out to be lesser painful than I thought it were (no need to comment that ... !) - so I was stuck with inability to use WS_FTP.
    Problem is now solved and the updates are dumped.

    The most important addition is the introduction of the -Symbol in the ADF Download pages, which indicates that there is a picture available. Still wonder why I collect card pictures ?

    The "SCSI Drives Over 1GB"-Page has been "spell-checked" and corrected - many Thanks to Tim N. Clark

  • 01.03.99 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    • 0A84 : Olicom Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter (OC-3129)
    • 0A85 : Olicom Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter (OC-3129)
    • 0A86 : Olicom Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter (OC-3129)
    • 0F5F : Multisync Graphics Engine
    • 5324 : InfoSys SCSI C5640 Adapter
    • 568D : Maynard SCSI Tape Adapter (I forgot that !)
    • 56EA : Asante EtherPaC 2100+NT MCA card
    • 61CB : Smile Target Adapter for IBM PS/2 Computers
    • 6226 : Asante Technologies EtherPaC Ethernet Adapter
    • 6410 : ATI AT1720T TP-Ethernet
    • 6413 : ATI AT1720BT TP/BNC Ethernet
    • 6416 : ATI AT1720AT TP/AUI Ethernet
    • 6419 : ATI AT1720FT TP/Fibre Ethernet
    • 6C7E : Jovian Logic Corp. SYLVIA/MC
    • 6DAC : Logitec ScanMan+ Adapter
    • 6FEB : DigiCHANNEL MC/16i (128k Memory Window)
    • 7FBE : FTG PXL-480 HI-RES Lightpen Board
    • 8069 : miroMAGIC Grafikcontroller
    • 8F6C : DAC960M RAID Adapter (Mylex)

    Some nice people sent me pictures for the "Contest"-page. In addition I scanned some own cards - and like always this page got updated. Dennis put the most of them already on the page ... until he ran into FTP-trouble with his provider. Dammit !

  • 23.01.99 : Pictures added and minor changes

    And again some minor changes - fine tuning again. Some new pictures came in and have been added in the MCA Adapter Card Pictures Page. Thanks !
    Contest page has been updated as well.

  • 13.01.99 : Name of the Contest changed

    Louis Ohland suggested it were a good idea to rename the "Contest #1" directly to "Picture Contest" .... therefore the headline has changed to be more accurate on the topic.
    And we could start up a Contest #2, #3 ... and so forth. Liked the idea.

  • 10.01.99 : Pictures added

    Some new pictures came in and I got some missing cards scanned, which already have been added to the MCA Adapter Picture Collection. Thanks Dennis !

    Ever wondered what's behind the "MCA Mafia" ?
    Click the banner on the mainpage to see.

  • 07.01.99 : The first changes / additions in 1999

    Here are some minor changes - the first in 1999 ... Happy New Year by the way - hope you all came in comfortably.

    At first place is the revised MCA-Mafia Banner. I have decided to remove the reference to the "local chapter" and changed it to read "The MCA-Mafia" instead. I hope that this will contribute to spread the name and image further out. If you have a PS/2 or MCA-related page and if you are willing to share your knowledge with the community of MCA-Enthusiasts all over the world - then use this banner to signal your will to help.

    MCA Mafia Banner

    Other Changes:

    • "The SCSI Drives over 1GB Page" moved one up from "Draft 1.0" to "Version 1.0" after removing some minor mistakes and including it on the Mainpage. It is however still a bit hard to understand. I find it logically - but others don't. So I am working on a better concept again ...
    • The Mascot has an own page, therefore I removed it from this page.
    • The Mainpage now contains a direct link to the location where the MCA Adapter Pictures are stored.

    The additional MCA adapter pictures coming in the past weeks will follow as soon as possible.

  • 14.12.98 : One new page added and some minor changes

    Dumped the Draft-1.0 version of a page about the problems and possible fixes on installing SCSI harddisks over 1GB on the net today.
    It is still a preliminary and will probably change a lot - only brought it to have something new at all and to roughly show up the marching route to take ...
    Judge yourself.

    The rest was detail work only - no time to do major updates or bring more new pages. Too busy adn the job takes its shares - and therefore the MCA-pages are a bit behind. Sad to say. Thanks for those few people that sent in new MCA Adapter files and pictures.

    The main changes are done in the Presence Detection page: added the pin 48 on the schemes, which is used to differ the modules between Parity and ECC.
    Mainpage layout slightly changed - some sub-topics added for M-ACPA and XGA-2 Setup.

  • 04.11.98 : New pictures arrived !

    Are already present on the MCA-cards picture page

    I am ashamed for my lazyness - while Dennis put them there within minutes virtually.
    Therefore the Contest Page has been updated as well.

    Still I wonder if there aren't more people outside which can supply pictures - dammit !
    Cannot be that complicated.

  • 04.11.98 : Minor changes on various pages

    While fumbling around with my new Win NeanderTal (NT) 4.0 Server I accidently started MSIE with clicking on the mainpage HTM-code icon ... Bwaaaah ... some pages looked really odd. I am no fan of MSIE -see my Homepage- but many people don't have any better ... !
    So I did some minor debugging. Will enhance the readability with earlier MSIE-versions (The one with NT is 2.0 ...)

  • 30.10.98 : Introduction of a new Banner

    MCA Mafia Banner

    Speaks for itself, doesn't it ? Would you buy a used car from one of those buddies ?
    Maybe I should add an explaining page about the aspects behind ...

  • 25.10.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    Some few files I found after some intensive searches...

    • 6EBE : Applied Creative Technology Systemizer MSC
    • 8EFD : SCSI Cached Disk/Diskette Controller (ID = 8EFD)
      aka.: IBM 7568 Gearbox Model 800 Cached SCSI Adapter
    • 8FFB : Processor (ID = 8FFB)
      aka.: IBM Gearbox Model 800 486 Processor Card
    • 8FFF : Processor (ID = 8FFF) aka.: 8FFF IBM Gearbox Model 800 Processor Card
    • FFDE : 16MB Memory Expansion Adapter (ID = FFDE)

  • 24.10.98 : Page about making your own IBM 8228 Setup Aid added

    This is the first page of several more to follow, which add informations on PS/2 and Token Ring - or Token Ring in common. Must see if I find the time to do much in this relation. It is rather time-consuming to make it not that complicated.

  • 14.09.98 : Pages about PS/2 Error Codes added

    The layout might be a subject to change - but at least they are included now.
    Waiting for your feedback ....

  • 06.09.98 : New pictures arrived (Thanks Bob !)

    Will land as soon as possible on the MCA-cards picture page
    Therefore the Contest Page has been updated as well.

  • 05.09.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    After some weeks of combined workload and resulting lazyness I'd found it were time to add some more files in the pages.

    • 0051 : Thomas-Conrad TC4046 TR-Adapter
    • 5CFF : GammaFax CPMC Communications Adapter
    • 617B : Wall Data Datagate/Coax
    • 617F : AMS IOSIX-2 Adapter
    • 6405 : IDE Controller for Model 60 & 80
    • 6446 : 3Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
    • 67E7 : KRAFT G/S+ Adapter Card
    • 6BD0 : FURY 2400 PS/MNP Modemcard
    • 6DEB : Multi-Tech Systems MT1432ES
    • 7491 : Tecmar MicroRAM SC Extended Memory Adapter
    • 7FAE : XTEND Renaissance Expansion Board
    • 8EF5 : IBM PS/2 Bus Master Adapter/A for Ethernet (from RS/6000 !)
    • E001 : IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring MC (more features)

  • 14.08.98: Some Revisions only

    Revised the M-ACPA Technical Chapter
    Added Layout plan for the Ultimedia ACPA, corrected minor errors.

    Added the LapLink cables to the X-Modem cables chapter.

  • 08.08.98: Revisions and additions made

    Revised the Installing the M-ACPA under Win95
    Added a M-ACPA Technical Chapter

  • 01.08.98: The Beta-Version of my searchable ADF Locator has been added

    Disadvantages: it requires JAVA-enhanced browser - Netscape 3.0 and above. And it is pretty slow, because I had to squeeze all the infos in the JAVA-file, which takes some time to load and to process a request.
    Advantage: you will find a file much easier - probably.

    I'm still working on an alternate method - but AOL does not allow to put CGI-scripts on the server. And there is no such "generic Non-JAVA" search procedure available with straight HTML.

    Minor corrections / additions to other sections:

    • "Known Problem" has a chapter #7 added, which deals with the famous "000211CZ"-error on various machines and what to do.
    • Minor bug removed / information added on Installing the M-ACPA under Win95
    • Slightly modified version of MACPA.INF (Version 0.17, 07/30/98). General problems however still unsolved.

  • 27.07.98: First draft of Installing the M-ACPA under Win95 added

    I don't think that it helps too much on extending the lifetime of the ACPAs - but since there are so many of them out - it might be at least an inexpensive compromise for "some sound". The page however is a 1.0 Draft - which means: there might be some errors on it and the thing is subject to change occasionally.

  • 25.07.98: Chapter about CP codes added

    Ever wondered what the odd CP (something) on the Mod. 95 panel or on the bottom line of the PS/2 Premium Line screen mean ?
    Well: here's what I know about them so far. Corrections / additions are welcome.

    Sorry - no new ADFs at that time. Also no further upgrades / corrections to the ADF Download pages.
    Have collected a few stuff but not included. Still waiting for better times ....

  • 16.07.98: Chapter about Setting up the XGA-2 modified

    3 Tables about XGA-2 modes and supported monitors / resolutions / refresh-rates added.

  • 27.06.98: Chapter about Year 2000 and PS/2 added

    Read here about my experiences with the PS/2 and the Year-2000 problem. What problems might come up, how to fix it and what is there to be considered.

  • 24.06.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    • 62F9 : Stallion Technologies EasyConnection 8/32
    • 6384 : Megaport serial Adapter
    • 6386 : Megaplex PS/2 Adapter
    • 6388 : Equinox SST-64M Controller (Remote Access)
    • 6389 : Equinox SST-128M Controller (Remote Access)
    • 638A : Equinox SST Multiport Controller (Remote Access)
    • 7028 : Stallion Technologies EASYREACH Host Adapter
    • 7113 : Stallion Technologies EasyConnection 8/64

  • 15.06.98: More MCA-Card Pictures added - finally !

    See the "Picture Your MCA-cards" contest-page for the details and then visit Dennis Smith' site to see what's that all about.

    Never seen a Pentium-90 processor board for Mod. 95 ?
    Just look: it is there now.

  • 15.06.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    • 5128 : Tecmar HDE/SCSI MCA Host Adapter
    • 6060 : IDEAcomm 5251 7 LU short card
    • 6A3A : CONNECT INT. Ethernet Adapter ETH MC-01
    • 805B : ELSA XHR Gemini Graphic Subsystem
    • 8F9E : IBM S/390 Microprocessor Complex (P/390)
    • 8FA8 : IBM EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter
    • EF7F : ELSA WINNER/2

  • 25.05.98 : News Archive opened !

    All News older than one month (except the last one) land on a separate News Archive page now.
    I think this makes it easier and faster to look at the real news - and not wait for the old stuff to load again.

  • 25.05.98 : New on the MCA Enthusiasts Page

    Added a page about XGA-2 Setup under DOS / Win 3.x and Win95.
    Is maybe of some interest ...

    Still haven't found the time to update the "Picture Your MCA-cards" page ... Sorry !

  • 30.04.98 : New on the MCA Enthusiasts Page

    • The version 6.1 of QBMCA has Multi-Lingual Support
      (New parameter in QBMCA.PAR)
      Anyone out there who likes to write French or Spanish Texts for QBMCA ?
      It's pretty easy ... look into QBMCA.001 or QBMCA.049 :-)

      The downloadable QBMCA-Images now contain the actual MCA.DAT

    • Minor changes in the frontpage layout.
      Wanted to make the different topic clearer.

    • Removed some spelling errors and misleading expressions in the "About ADFs"-chapter (Thanks Charles !)

  • 31.03.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    • 05FF : Viking PS2-1600 Display Controller
    • 5555 : EXTERNAL Floppy Controller
    • 601C : Multi-Tech Systems MT224PS/ES
    • 6065 : INS SDLC Adapter
    • 611B : LaserMaster Controller
    • 63CA : Hewlett Packard StarLAN-10 Adapter Rev 1.1
    • 67F0 : PGS LS300/LS300F Scanner Adapter
    • 6D6D : EICON TECHNOLOGY : Laser Printer Adapter
    • 6DBB : Multi-Tech Systems MT224ES7
    • 6E6E : EICON TECHNOLOGY Single-Port Comm. Copro.
    • 6EF1 : 10NET Ethernet/ThinNet 10Mbps LAN Adapter
    • 6FFF : Interactive Images Touch Screen Adapter
    • 7011 : Tecmar MicroRAM AD Multifunction Board
    • 7012 : Net/One NIUps LAN Adapter (alt. version)
    • 807F : MICRO DISPLAY SYSTEMS Video Adapter
    • 80A5 : Cornerstone DualPage Display

  • 28.03.98 : New chapter about ADFs added !

    The first 'draft' of the Adapter Description Files informations has been uploaded. Will be changed and added recently ...

  • 21.03.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    Guess whos' site I "raided & plundered" this time ...
    ... bet you're right. But I had some help !

    • 5C1C : DCA IRMAtrac Token-Ring Adapter/Convertible
    • 5C1D : DCA IRMAtrac Token-Ring Adapter/Convertible
    • 61DF : ATTACHMATE - Asynchronous SNA Adapter/2
    • 6184 : Lava 4 Megabyte Extended Memory Adapter
    • 62BF : ATTACHMATE - Adv. Function SDLC Adapter/2
    • 677F : ATTACHMATE - Advanced 3270 Adapter/2
    • 6DBE : Fraser's Hill FHL-8124 Communications Adapter
    • 6EA0 : ATTACHMATE - Adv. Twinax Adapter/2
    • 6FB9 : ATTACHMATE - 19.2Kb SDLC Adapter

  • 20.03.1998 : The MCA-Enthusisasts Page Has Moved !

    After over 15.000 accesses to this page I was tired of the notorious problems with manouvering files to and fro in finding some more Kilobytes to stuff in the newly added files. Additionally there was no more room for new articles and tips. So I decided to move the page to an own area.
    This has been done now.

    If you find anything I'd missed or any link that doesn't work - just leave me a note.

  • 13.03.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    • 5086 : Scan-Graphics Compr./Decompr. Accel.
    • 50CE : 800E/2 NIC
    • 50F5 : Scan-Graphics Compr./Decompr. Accel.
    • 5353 : National Instruments MC-DIO-32F
    • 53FF : ASC-PS2 SCSI Host Adapter
    • 6180 : Lava Async/2 Adapter
    • 6181 : Lava Parallel Link
    • 6182 : Lava Link 2400/A Adapter
    • 6183 : Lava Link 422 Adapter
    • 6184 : Lava 8 Megabyte Extended Memory Adapter
    • 6185 : Lava Arclink/A
    • 70C4 : EXCALIBUR EXC-1553PS2/E CARD Ver. B
    • 7200 : Gateway Microsystems SCC 2 Comms. Ad.
    • 787B : 800E/2 NIC
    • 787C : 800E/2 NIC
    • 8EE6 : SGI Micro-Channel IRISVISION Adapter
    • DFE8 : Integrated Hard Disk and Controller
    • E9FE : Expansion Unit Model 001

  • 05.03.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages

    I was a bit lazy the past weeks, due to heavy workload.
    But here are some additions I recently found:

    • 616A : NSS WNIC/MCA
    • 6167 : S-S Technologies 5136-SD-MCA V2.0
      (OEM-Network card from Allen-Bradley)
    • 6213 : Custom Computer Systems IDE Fixed Disk Ad. C1000
    • 62E9 : Kingston 14400 PS/2 Internal Modem
    • 64B7 : Thomas-Conrad TCNS/MC
    • 6A7B : Tueplan Dual channel printer port adapter
    • 6AB4 : Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 24PS V26 bis Modem
    • 6AB5 : Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 48PS V27 ter Modem
    • 6AE7 : Dacom Asyncronous Modem Version 1.0
    • 6AFB : Miracom Keycard/PS Modem
    • 6B9B : Specialix SI/PS Intelligent I/O Controller
    • 6B9D : SWF-MC1
    • 6BBA : APRICOT Internal Ethernet Controller
    • 7E76 : Overland Data 9 Track Tape Coupler Model XL/2
    • 80E8 : Matrox MG-104/108-M Adapter

  • 10.02.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 50A0 : Professional Microchannel DG/StarLAN Contr.
    • 50A1 : Professional Microchannel DG/LAN Controller
    • 80AF : Sigma Design's PageView (VGA) for the PS/2

  • 08.02.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 80B7 : Radius SVGA MultiView

  • 07.02.98 : Update to the MCA-card Pictures Page

    Wonder if there are no more folks outside that see the challenge
    - and take it. There are still a lot cards missing ...
    Come on: it is not that difficult.
    I did it and some others did it too !

  • 07.02.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 6F14 : Ven-Tel 14400 Modem
    • 7119 : Simple Technology Inc. 2-16 MB Mem. Exp.

  • 02.02.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 70D8 : Xtend/MC-16 Micro Channel Mem. Exp. Board

  • 23.01.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 5802 : Borsu SCSI Adapter - Issue A/B (altern.)
    • 6162 : COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 16 Port Serial Ad.
    • 6358 : COMTROL RocketPort 16/MC Serial Adapter
    • 6359 : COMTROL RocketPort 8/MC Serial Adapter
    • 635A : COMTROL RocketPort 32/MC Serial Adapter
    • 6674 : DayStar LocalTalk/MCA AppleTalk Adapter
    • 6870 : COMTROL HOSTESS/MC 4 Port Serial Adapter
    • 6971 : COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 4 Port Serial Ad.
    • 6BDB : Devlonics Terminals DUO Modem
    • 6C72 : COMTROL HOSTESS/MC 8 Port Serial Ad.
    • 6D73 : COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 8 Port Serial Ad.
    • 706F : Aox MicroMASTER 386 ADF v1.2 (newer)
    • 7071 : Integra I Fault Tolerant Disk System
    • DF7F : IBM3363 Optical Disk (US/UK Version)
    • DFFA : 5.25-inch Disk Drive Ad. (US/UK Version)

  • 18.01.98 : Page about Wrap Plugs added

  • 16.01.98 : MCA-Enthusiasts Page Broke 10.000 Accesses Border !
    Thanks to all who helped and to all who came here.
    Stay with us and help keeping the PS/2 alive.

  • 15.01.98 : Hintpage added

  • 15.01.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 704A : CPI 2400 Baud Modem Board

  • 11.01.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    • 608F : Hypertec HYPERPORT
    • 6EDD : U.S. Robotics Courier PS/2 Modem
    • 7154 : Hypertec HyperEnet MCA Combo
    • 72F6 : Hypertec HYPERPORT II
    • 7FAB : Hypertec Hyperam MC EXTend S
    • E001 : Hypertec HyperRing MC 16/4

  • 10.01.98 : New in the ADF Download Pages
    Many Thanks to Steve Marak !

    • 0001 : Internal Options for the C&T 250 Chipset
    • 0011 : Internal Options for the C&T 250 Chipset
    • 0012 : Internal Options for the C&T 280 Chipset
    • 0021 : End-user features for the C&T 250 chipset
    • 0022 : End-user features for the C&T 280 chipset
    • 0050 : Cabletron 4/16-Mbps Token Ring Adapter
    • 0098 : NCR MC Comms. I/F Adapter (MCIA-2)
    • 0200 : Phoenix Board Setup File
    • 0230 : NCR MC Comms. I/F Adapter (MCIA)
    • 0720 : NCR 53C720 SCSI Adapter
    • 5039 : Flatbed Scanner Interface
    • 503A : Model 115 Scanner Interface
    • 5600 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020
    • 5601 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020-X
    • 5602 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030
    • 5603 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030-X
    • 5604 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040
    • 5605 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040-X
    • 5606 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010
    • 5607 : Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010-X
    • 5608 : Cabletron E3100 Ethernet Adapter 16K RAM
    • 5609 : Cabletron E3100-X Ethernet Adapter 64K RAM
    • 5EEF : One serial one parallel adapter
    • 6018 : Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
    • 6C68 : OPTO 22 DUAL RS-485 SERIAL PORT
    • 6C69 : OPTO 22 PAMUX 4 ADAPTER
    • 7FEC : CSM Inc. SCSI Host Adapter
    • 80A6 : Cornerstone ImageAccel Display
    • 817E : NCR 3350/3355 HPG Video Adapter (with ROM)

  • 08.01.98 : Updated MCA.DAT for QBMCA
    Recognizes 1.278 Adapters, Size 71.568 bytes

  • 08.01.98 : New in the ADF-Download Pages
    • 5025 : Online CDI-210H (Hitachi) CD-ROM Controller
    • 629F : Reply AT IDE Drive Adapter
    • 6E7D : DCA Smart Alec 5250/90
    • 6FB5 : Reply On-Board Serial/Parallel Adapter
    • 7081 : AST Advantage/2 -386 Adapter (+2 Ser.)
    • 7082 : AST Advantage/2 -386 Adapter (+1S / +1P)
    • 7083 : AST Advantage/2 -386 Adapter (only Mem.)

  • 06.01.98 : New in the ADF-Download Pages
    • 0FCE : D-LINK ArcNet Adapter
    • E000 : D-LINK Token-Ring Network Adapter DT-300
    • E00F : D-LINK Token-Ring Network Adapter DT-320

  • 05.01.98 : Minor Design changes

    After some complaints I decided to change the big Page Headings from white letters on blue ground to blue letters on light-blue ground.

    The reason: this is a TABLE-function and some Browsers cannot handle individual background colours in table fields. And so the ground stays white ... and the white letters are invisible then.

    While I plan to stay relatively compatible with all Browsers ... I got to change it.

  • 05.01.98 : New in the ADF-Download Pages
    • 50D2 : Tape Controller with H/W Data Compression

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